Menu - Snickerdoodles Bakery and Coffee House

Cupcakes (base price)
Round Cakes
Sheet Cakes
1/8 sheet
2 layer
1/8 sheet
3 layer
1/4 sheet
2 layer
1/4 sheet
3 layer
1/2 sheet
2 layer
1/2 sheet
3 layer
Full sheet
2 layer
Full sheet
3 layer
Square Cakes
Round Mini
2-Tier Cake
6" & 10"Up to 30$114.99$8.00
Square Mini
2-Tier Cake
6" & 10"Up to 50$149.99$10.00
Fudge Brownie w/ Chocolate Butter Cream
1/2 sheet20-30$34.99
Full sheet30-60$69.99
Large Ribbon Cake$18.00
Ribbon Cakes
1/4 sheet $42.99
1/2 sheet $84.99
Full sheet $162.99
Doll Cake
Customer to supply doll20-30$69.99
Cheese Cakes
*Topped w/ fresh fruit + 2x topped priced
12" Chocolate Chip Cookie$21.99
XXXAdult Rate CakesXXX
Add Ons
  • White or Dark Chocolate plaque
  • White or Dark Chocolate shaving on side 1.5 filling charge
Fondont Bows
Big loopy bows White
1 color
2 colors
Gold or silver
Simple bowWhite
1 color
Gold or silver
Cake Choices:
Included: Yellow, chocolate and marble.
Additional fee: Almond, carrot, choc. Chip, lemon, Red velvet, spice, strawberry, orange, mocha, pound cake, pumpkin, rum, pistachio, etc...
Icing Choices:
Included: White or Chocolate butter cream.
Additional fee: cream cheese, éclair, whipped cream, Diplomat, ganache, foundant, any flavored butter cream you choose.
Included: White or chocolate butter cream.
Additional fee: Flavored butter cream, diplomat, Whipped cream, ganache, cannoli, strawberries & cream, peaches & cream, cookies & cream, lemon, Bavarian crea, raspberry or strawberry puree, german choc., choc., peanut butter & strawberry mousse, etc.
FREE on all cakes
Your choice of flowers, balloons & streamers.
Masculine design or classic décor.
9" Fruit Tart
Tart shell filled with diplomat cream and topped with seasonal fruit
9" Almond Pear Tart
Tart shell filled with an almond paste
Topped off with pears & baked to a Golden brown
9" Lemon Brulee
Light and airy lemon cream tart with caramelized sugar on top with rosettes of diplomat.
Custom Cakes
Hand drawings-priced based on amount of time to design & decorate. Starting at $15.00
Cut-out cakes priced based on amount of time to design and decorate. Starting at $30.00
Chocolate Mousse Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and topped off with eclair icing
Peanut Butter Mousse Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse and peanut butter Butter cream with chocolate eclair drizzle
Carrot Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
A moist combination of carrot, walnut and spices with cream cheese filling
Coconut Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Yellow cake with diplomat cream and covered with white butter cream & coconut
Almond Raspberry Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Almond cake with raspberry puree and White butter cream
German Chocolate Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Traditional devil's food cake with chocolate butter cream pecan icing and filling with caramel coconut
Lemon Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Moist lemon cake with a thin layer of lemon curd and white butter cream between the layers. White butter cream on outside with white chocolate shavings and white chocolate and lemon drizzle on top
Flourless Chocolate Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Dense fudgy chocolate cake made without Flour. Topped off with choclate mousse, Fresh strawberries and dark choclate shavings
Oreo Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Moist marble cake with crushed Oreos and diplomat between the layers. White butter cream on outside with Oreo chunks on top.
Snickerdoodle Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Yellow cake filled with diplomat cream & snickerdoodles, with cinamon butter cream on the outside and more snickerdoodles on top
Red Velvet
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Red Velvet devil's food cake with cream cheese icing between the layers and white butter cream on the outside
Strawberry Shortcake
6" - $19.999" - $33.49
Yellow cake with strawberry puree, fresh strawberries and whipped cream between the layers with whipped cream on the outside with choclate shavings and fresh chocolate dipped strawberries on top.
Strawberry Cake
6" - $17.999" - $29.49
Moist strawberry cake with a thin layer of strawberry puree between the layers with white butter cream. White butter cream on outside with white chocolate shavings and drizzled with white chocolate and strawberry puree.

*Prices are subject to change*